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Best IVF Centre in ThaneAre you facing fertility issues and seeking the most advanced and compassionate care? Look no further! Dr. Malatibai Chitnis Hospital, recognized as the best IVF Centre in Thane, is equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by a team of seasoned fertility specialists.

At Dr. Maltibai Chitnis IVF Hospital in Thane, we believe in accessible fertility treatments for all, regardless of financial background. Our team, among the nation’s finest, utilizes the latest advancements for successful outcomes. We understand that every path to parenthood is unique. Hence, we offer personalized, result-oriented treatment plans.

We provide a variety of services ranging from general diagnosis to highly sophisticated surgical and minimally invasive procedures. We have state of art onsite lab for IVF, IMSI, ICSI, semen analysis and genetic diagnosis. We also provide sperm, egg and embryo cryopreservation services. Our commitment: strict standards and tender, patient-centred care for each individual.

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About Dr. Malatibai Chitnis Hospital

  • Dr. Malatibai Chitnis HospitalWe are proud to offer an all-encompassing range of infertility treatments at Dr. Malatibai Chitnis Hospital. Established in the year 1948, our facility is dedicated to providing top-tier treatment with affordable packages and a notable success rate.
  • Our hospital is led by Dr. Nikhil Chitnis, a highly skilled and experienced gynecologist and IVF doctor in Thane. His vision is to offer the best possible, comprehensive and quality reproductive treatments at a manageable cost.
  • Starting a family is one of the most significant and far-reaching decisions that can be made. The miracle of birth is often considered one of the greatest gifts that life has to offer. But, not all roads to becoming a parent are easy for everyone.
  • Nowadays, most couples struggle with various treatments such as the IUI and IVF programs among others to have a healthy child. If you have fertility issues or are stuck trying to build your family, take a deep breath – we’re here for you.
  • Malatibai Chitnis Hospital is renowned for its exceptional IVF centre in Thane. It is backed by a team of highly skilled clinical staff ready to assist you through every step.

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Services Offered Dr. Malatibai Chitnis Hospital



IVF is an assisted reproduction technique. In this, the egg and sperm are fertilized outside the body, in a lab.



ICSI involves injecting a sperm into the egg to facilitate fertilization.  ICSI increases the chances of successful conception.



IMSI is a sophisticated form of ICSI. In IMSI, a high-power microscope is used to select the healthiest sperm for injection into the egg.



FET involves transferring thawed embryos from a previous IVF cycle into the uterus to establish pregnancy.



 IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is a fertility treatment where sperm is placed directly into the uterus to enhance the chances of conception.

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Why Choose Dr. Malatibai Chitnis Hospital in Thane?

While it is one of the oldest and most trustworthy fertility centers in Maharashtra, Dr. Malatibai Chitnis Hospital has a proven track record for treating male and female infertility problems successfully. We also deal with cases of unexplained infertility. Our hospital has state-of-the-art technology of global standards in fertility treatment.

Some of the advanced techniques available at Dr. Malatibai Chitnis Hospital include:

  • World-class laboratories
  • Closed working chambers technology
  • Electronic witnessing systems
  • Continuous 24*7 monitoring
  • Non-invasive pre-implantation genetic testing
  • Microfluidic sperm sorting
  • Advanced incubation systems
  • Utilization of AI and machine learning

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Best Test Tube Baby Centre in Thane

  • Fertility challenges can be overwhelming. But with the most advanced test tube baby centre in Thane, you are under safe guidance.
  • Malatibai Chitnis Hospital stands out for its relentless commitment to excellence in reproductive medicine. Our experienced team employs cutting-edge techniques. These help improve the chances of a successful pregnancy.
  • Our specialists use a meticulous approach. They address individual concerns and tailor treatments for optimal results. From initial consultations to postoperative assistance, we guarantee your comfort and well-being.
  • The likelihood of successful IVF treatment largely depends on the age of a couple, mainly women. After 30, chances of conceiving naturally decrease significantly. However, over the past two decades, there has been a noticeable rise in the average age of women seeking fertility treatments.
  • Nowadays, aged women opting for fertility treatments have a higher chance of success with IVF. The HFEA data shows that women in the 38-39 age group have a 20% lower chance of conceiving through IVF. This percentage decreases by an additional 14% for women of 40 to 42 years. The probability drops to just 5% for women over the age of 42.

About Doctors

Dr Nikhil Chitnis

Dr. Nikhil Chitnis



Dr. Mienal Chitnis

MD ( Pead), DCH, Neonatologist


Dr. Kishor Chitnis


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    Patient Testimonials


    Fertility challenges can be overwhelming. However, the team at Dr. Malatibai Chitnis Hospital made every step easier. The empathy and support we received were beyond our expectations. A heartfelt thank you!


    After struggling with infertility for years, we found hope at Dr. Malatibai Chitnis Hospital. The expertise and genuine care we received made all the difference. Grateful for our little miracle!

    Vaishnavi Jadhav

    Gratitude fills our hearts as we celebrate the arrival of our bundle of joy, thanks to Dr. Malatibai Chitnis Hospital. Their commitment to excellence and a patient-centric approach makes them the best IVF centre in Thane. Highly recommend!

    Prajkta Jain

    From scepticism to sheer joy – Dr. Malatibai Chitnis Hospital exceeded our expectations. The expertise and personalized attention we received were unparalleled. A heartfelt thank you for fulfilling our dream of becoming parents.

    Saif Paul

    Choosing Dr. Malatibai Chitnis Hospital was the best decision of our lives. The warmth of the staff with advanced fertility treatments made our dream of parenthood a reality. Grateful beyond words!

    Deepali Choughule



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    Why Choose us

    We provide individualized care and attention for every client during their journey to parenthood. We offer comprehensive testing to determine the causes of male and female infertility, and we specialize in IUI and in IVF.


    We employ a holistic approach. It includes the latest reproductive techniques and compassionate support. Our fertility specialists offer customized fertility solutions.

    Absolutely. At Dr. Malatibai Chitnis Hospital, we prioritize patient privacy. This ensures a discreet and confidential environment throughout your treatment.

    We understand the importance of accessible care. Dr. Malatibai Chitnis Hospital is committed to offering effective fertility solutions without compromising on quality, ensuring affordability for our patients.

    Your journey begins with a comprehensive assessment, individualized treatment protocols and cutting-edge techniques addressing your specific needs. We ensure a smooth and caring experience on the way to parenthood.

    Our IVF centre in Thane boasts impressive success rates, thanks to our experienced team and cutting-edge technology. We are dedicated to maximizing your chances of a successful pregnancy.